The R 160 D is a machine to produce filled pasta such as: single-sheet ravioli, cappelletti and similar with meat and cheese fillings. Reliable and flexible it is suitable for small fresh pasta laboratories. 

Main technical features: 

  • Basement, sidewalls and rollers in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • One couple of laminating rollers of 70 mm diameter with thickness adjustment and provided with independent motor.
  • Laminating rollers speed adjustment by mechanical variator.
  • Adjustable pasta sheet feed system to minimize production wastes.
  • Die speed adjustment by electronic variator.
  • Integrated continuous filling feeder device with adjustable speed whilst the machine is running by mechanical variator. Mounted on the left side of the machine with quick release for cleaning.
  • Removable tray for scraps collection.
  • All food contact parts are made in stainless steel or a food grade material.
  • Electric cabinet in stainless steel with command, control and safety devices.
  • Control push-button panel a side of the machine according to CE standards. 

On request: 

  • Interchangeable quick changing die sets for different shapes.
  • Pinched product forming system “on plane”.
  • Air application on filling rods in case of sticky fillings.
  • Scraps conveyer belt.
  • Scraps cutter device.
  • Scraps recovery system by conveyer belts. 

Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Operating methods Continuous


Products processed Filled pasta
Production capacity 40-95 kg/h

Size and Weight

Width (mm) 1100
Length/depth (mm) 1100
Height (mm) 1600
Weight (kg) 340

Electrical data

Power (kW) 1,7
Power supply (volt) 400

Puff pastry

Pasta sheet width (mm) 160


Destination Artisanal and small-scale industry, Medium-scale industry
Price bracket 25.000-50.000

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