Noodle Making Machine: For instant and fresh noodle making.
Noodle Making Machine Suppliers manufacture and supply noodle making machines of best and premium quality. Various types of long pasta such as Taliolini, Noodles, Lasagna, Pappardelle, etc. can be made employing this noodle making machine. The width is about 24cms and comes with four incision/cuts, sheet cutter. The demand of these premium quality noodle making machines is very high because of its quality of material, ease of operation and durability.

Noodle Making Machine Suppliers ensure economically priced machines, which have high performance and high-grade quality. The price offered is such that it is affordable by any and everyone who wants to make instant fresh noodles. The suppliers are trustworthy and genuine in their service and ensure a hassle-free delivery to the customer in a stipulated amount of time.

Key features of Noodle making machine:

  • Power usage of 1HP
  • 120 kilos overall weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Even Noodles every time
  • Thickness adjustable
  • Components are easy to open and assemble 
  • Easy to clean
  • Components are food friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Long life
  • Small 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Very reliable
  • Application specific design
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Premium quality
  • Low in price
  • Compact
  • Table model
  • High functioning speed

It is best for , restaurants, hotels, family business, etc. They are capable of taking good loads for various kinds of noodle operations. They can produce noodles consistently.

Noodle making involves:

  • Mixing raw materials
  • Setting of dough
  • Compounding
  • Making Sheets
  • Rolling
  • Slitting

The noodle production is mess free and easy. The machines employ construction feature using which fresh noodles are produced instantly. The rollers that employ ripples make delicious noodles owing to net structure.

The suppliers ensure industry standards in their material. The material and quality are tested thoroughly under the surveillance of skilled professional to ensure a hassle and problem-free product to their customers. Each component goes through quality testing. The suppliers collaborate with leading vendors to ensure a good-quality product. They are packaged in such a way that no damage is done to the product while transporting them, and the installation is user-friendly and easy.

Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Operating methods discontinuous


Products processed Lasagna, Long-cut pasta
Production capacity 25 kg/h

Size and Weight

Width (mm) 1000
Length/depth (mm) 800
Height (mm) 700
Weight (kg) 90

Electrical data

Power (kW) 0,75
Power supply (volt) 220-380 TRIFASE

Puff pastry

Pasta sheet width (mm) 240
Pasta sheet thickness (mm) 0-2

Mixing tub

Capacity (l or kg) 30


Destination Artisanal and small-scale industry
Price bracket Not declared


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