Drying cells for pasta makers mod. VR/25


The machine packs, pre-packs and dries small and large size pasta and pasta with filling.Drying cycle capacity: 400 Kg. The drier is essential for the packaging, pre-packaging and drying of small and large-size pasta and for pasta with filling. It also let to dry pasteurised pasta before the packing phase. The optimization of the drying process over the years has enabled us to ensure absolute quality in the production of long and short pasta.

It is composed as follows:

  • panels (thickness mm 50) composed of steel sheets with anallergic epoxy coating on the outer surface, filled with polyurethane foam. They guarantee improved insulation, sound-proofing and a stronger frame.
  • function control panel with a hygrometer and a thermostat for theIMG_1677 automatic adjustment of the humidity and temperature values
  • automatic humidity discharge
  • ventilation system with balanced fans that generate little noise (a few decibels), are heat-proof, can move a significant air quantity and are controlled by a clock for the intermittent movement and the change in the direction of rotation. The air is heated by means of electrical resistances (hot water heat exchangers can also be provided; to be separately quoted)
  • 1 cart with teflon swivelling wheels; it is equipped with 25 pinewood or beech-wood frames with a food-grade polyester grid where smallsize pasta can be dried.

Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Main construction and functional characteristics Cabinet/cell
Equipment and technical and constructive features Arrangement on trays
Operating methods discontinuous


Products processed Regional shapes (trofie, orecchiette, cavatelli and similar) , Nested and coiled pasta , Short-cut pasta , Long-cut pasta
Production capacity Capacità ciclo essiccazione 75 kg

Size and Weight

Width (mm) 1700
Length/depth (mm) 750
Height (mm) 2400
Weight (kg) 280

Electrical data

Power (kW) 5
Power supply (volt) 230/400V-3F 50/60HZ


No. of trays 25
Size of trays (BxD, mm) 600x400
Height of trays (mm) 50


n. carrelli 1


Destination Artisanal and small-scale industry
Price bracket Not declared

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