The RC 300 AR is a machine for the production of double sheet ravioli with soft meat or cheese filling. Double couple of laminating rollers, one on top of the other, at the back allows the continuous feeding of pasta sheet and allows also a free admittance to the die. Proper conveyor belts feed the pasta sheets automatically from the calibrating rollers to the die. 

Main technical features: 

  • Basement, sidewalls and rollers in stainless steel.
  • Double couple of laminating rollers with independent thickness adjustment.
  • Laminating rollers speed adjustment by mechanical variator.
  • Fixed die speed.
  • Integrated continuous filling feeder device, mounted on the left side of the machine with quick release for cleaning, with electronic speed variator.
  • Couple of conveyor belts in Acetal to feed the die.
  • Outfeed conveyor belt in Polyurethane
  • Motor-gearboxes and bearings lubricated for life.
  • All food contact parts are made in stainless steel or a food grade material.
  • Electric cabinet in stainless steel with command, control and safety devices.
  • Control push-button panel a side of the machine according to CE standards. 

On request: 

  • Interchangeable dies with four rollers and with openable side walls for deep and quick cleaning operations. Suitable to set dies for separate or plate ravioli in different shapes as square, round, half-moon, etc.
  • Mechanical device to extract the ravioli from the cutting roller for round, half-moon and special shapes.
  • Special dies with three or six rollers and also in stainless steel.
  • Scraps cutter device (for the shapes with a ‘web’ scrap) with electronic speed variator.
  • Scraps recovery system by conveyor belts.
  • Laminating rollers and die speed adjustments by electronic variators.
  • Device to adjust simultaneously all speeds.
  • Touch Screen Panel; PLC.

 Available also with pasta sheet 230 – 250 - 265 mm wide

Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Equipment and technical and constructive features Double sheet
Operating methods Continuous


Products processed Filled pasta
Production capacity 150-250 kg/h

Size and Weight

Width (mm) 1300
Length/depth (mm) 1100
Height (mm) 1700
Weight (kg) 460

Electrical data

Power (kW) 3,5
Power supply (volt) 400

Puff pastry

Pasta sheet width (mm) 300


Destination Artisanal and small-scale industry, Medium-scale industry
Price bracket 25.000-50.000

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