Sterilizer for pasta mod. ST20


Cell sterilization 1 trolley (20 frames) designed and built for the heat treatment of food products packed in bags or trays. Structure performed with insulated panels at high temperature in sheet AISI 304 for a perfect thermal insulation. Heating with electric heaters. Temperature control and production cycle sterilization of centralized control panel on the machine.

Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Main construction and functional characteristics Cabinet/cell
Equipment and technical and constructive features Product on trays
Type of treatment Injected steam
Operating methods discontinuous


Products processed Cannelloni, Regional shapes (trofie, orecchiette, cavatelli and similar) , Gnocchi, Lasagna, Nested and coiled pasta , Short-cut pasta , Long-cut pasta , Filled pasta
Production capacity 60 kg/h

Size and Weight

Width (mm) 1360
Length/depth (mm) 830
Height (mm) 2400
Weight (kg) 310

Electrical data

Power (kW) 8
Power supply (volt) 230/400V-3F 50/60HZ

Thermal data

Operating temperature (°C) 90°C


Destination Artisanal and small-scale industry
Price bracket Not declared

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