Pastaria, information and professional updates for pasta manufacturers


Pastaria is information and professional updates for Italian and international pasta-manufacturers. Under its banner it brings together a range of information resources that have contributed to creating a new approach to pasta-sector trade publications:

  • an e-magazine,
  • a print tabloid,
  • the web site,
  • an app
  • and social network channels.


Pastaria was the first to revolutionize information sources specialized in pasta. Free and open access to professional information, use of digital formats as preferential and potentially unlimited means for sharing expertise, and focus on new technologies and new ways of using information are the cornerstones of Pastaria’s approach to trade publications.


Pastaria’s mission is to be, through its resources, the most authoritative, useful and consulted source of professional-level information for Italian and international pasta manufacturers, as well as the point-of-reference for the international community of those active in this sector.

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