SARP Food Technologies

We have chosen to deal with pasta with passion and now we want to stand out producing tailor-made machineries that meet the needs of everyone: both producers and the ones who look for support of their own production processes.

Fresh filled or non-filled pasta, dry, special, raw flour, pre-cooked, pasteurized, frozen pasta, gluten-free or not, using or not special flours: there are no limits to the customization of your industrial plant of pasta production.

The production lines can start with the extrusion and end with the packing, also including the heat treatment of the product.

We have not dealt just with pasta. By using made-in-Italy typical wit, we have expanded broadened what was our core-business to include all other products in the food or non-food sectors.

That is how we created the lines of spiral conveyor belts and the plants for heat treatment of food or non-food, packed or unpacked products: complete plants from conveying to handling, which satisfy all the phases of production (freezing, cooling, pasteurization and proofing) and, for this reason, they are mainly used in the heat treatment of bakery products, dairy products and derivatives, processed fruit and vegetables, meat, ice cream and desserts, beverage.

Via Montebelluna di S. Andrea, 43
31033 Castelfranco Veneto - Treviso Italia