Freezing spiral belt conveyor


Sarp deep freezer is based on a coil-shape conveyor belt ans it’s suitable for deep-freezing heat treatment.

Thus, space occupied by the machine is reduced to the minimum and the devices for heat treatment can be placed in strategic locations to optimize the efficiency of heat exchange between air and product.

The spiral is placed inside an insulated room to enable reaching the optimum temperature for the freezing of the product. To make the treatment faster, the evaporators are located into the insulated chamber in order to allow the formation and distribution of the air flow, making the temperature uniform and increasing the heat exchange between air and product.

The temperature in the room can reach -40° C.

Each machine is designed and customized according to costumer’s needs; the conveyor belt is designed to be adaptable to all solutions with a special focus on load and unloading exigencies and on space optimization.

Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Processes Freezing
Operating methods Continuous


Products processed Cannelloni, Filled pasta


Destination Large-scale industry, Medium-scale industry
Price bracket Not declared

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