Sheeter with one mixing tank. The machine is equipped with only one shaped roller (gramola) to avoid pasta overheating. The utmost care has been taken in separating the mixing area from the frame boxes containing the supports and the gearings. The machine has a variable-speed motorized reduction unit controlled by a motor driver, thus giving the possibility to adjust production output. Round tube structure frame, with adjustable feet. The front and rear housing structures are opened and closed by two handles. By moving the housing structure, also the mixing hopper opens and closes. The lateral plates are made of stainless steel and arnite, and they can be moved by means of levers; this gives full accessibility to all internal surfaces, to the shaped and plain rollers. In order to make the machine cleaning easy, a series of arrangements have been applied according to current norms. Plant and electrical panel are in compliance with current EC regulations.

Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Equipment and technical and constructive features Single tank
Operating methods Continuous


Products processed Cannelloni, Lasagna, Nested and coiled pasta , Long-cut pasta , Filled pasta
Production capacity fino a 500 kg/h

Size and Weight

Width (mm) 1500
Length/depth (mm) 1200
Height (mm) 1800
Weight (kg) 500

Electrical data

Power (kW) 5
Power supply (volt) 400

Puff pastry

Pasta sheet width (mm) 540
Pasta sheet thickness (mm) 6

Mixing tub

Capacity (l or kg) 50


Destination Large-scale industry, Medium-scale industry
Price bracket Not declared

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