To produce cannelloni in continuous, from the preparation of the pasta sheet to the cut of the final pieces.
The pre-cooked pasta sheet is divided into strips in which the filling is deposited.
Each strip is wrapped around the filling, making a filled roll that is then cut to size.
The cutting machine cuts the rolls perfectly round, without pressing the cannelloni’s ends.
This line can be used to precook lasagna sheets or different pasta formats.


  • Automatic mixer
  • Sheeting machine
  • Calibrator 
  • Continuous cooker with sheet pre-engraving/separating unit 
  • Cannelloni forming system (filling dosing unit, roll winding unit)
  • Length cutting machine


Technical data

Technical and structural characteristics

Operating methods Automatic


Products processed Cannelloni
Main characteristics of the product Precooked
Production capacity 4000-30000 pieces/h

Thermal data

Operating pressure (bar) 4


Destination Large-scale industry, Medium-scale industry
Price bracket Not declared

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